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s/y Tootiki, a Wasa 530, are owned by Thomas Lundgren and Mikael Kullberg.

The boat

Tootiki was launched in 1991 with the name Wild Lady with a German owner. She was sold 2000 to a Swedish owner. During 2000 and 2001 she sailed from Sweden and to the Caribbean and back. We bought her 2008 and renamed her.

Wasa Yachts, the builder, description;

Wasa 530 is the newest boat in our line. She was launched as a true cruiser, large and comfortable and really without any capacity for racing, but a true Wasa yacht, fast and easy to sail.

When the boat was launched there were plans to name her Wasa Pacific the more exotic sister of Wasa Atlantic.

Hans Marklund the head of Wasa Yachts explains it this way “She is a complete 53 foot cruising yacht. You don’t have to add a thing, just set sails and go”.

The concept behind Wasa 530 and all Wasa Yachts is modern design, light, strong and stiff sandwich hulls combined with effective riggings and sails. The idea is to create a yacht easy to sail, even with a small crew. That’s why we have put a lot of consideration to the maneuverability of the yacht. The balanced ruder together with the short, but solid keel and a large mainsail will create a yacht easy to maneuver under sail in narrow waters and harbors. This will also create a boat well-balanced under all conditions something Wasa sailors appreciate and frequently miss when sailing other boats. The modern and light hull together with a generous sail area produces the well-known Wasa speed.

Link to Wasa Yachts and to their Wasa 530 pages.

Basic data

LOA 15,98 meter
LWL 13,25 meter
Beam 4,35 meter
Height aprox. 24 meter
Draft 2,60 meter
LYS cirka 1,34
Disp 14 900 kg (design)
Disp aprox. 18 000 kg (actual)
Keel 6 150 kg
Sailarea 117 m2 (jib+main)
Rigg data
  • I:20,10
  • J:6,00
  • P:18,00
  • E:6,25

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